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Leading Light

1. Caste System: Unparalleled Discrimination
- Caste System; Origin, Four Varna System
- Classical Outcastes
- Classical Untouchables
- Caste Code (Rules)
- Heirarchy
- Enforcement Of Caste System
- Perpetuation Of Caste; marriage
- Permanent Caste Status
- Untenable Justification
- A Casteist National Psyche

2. Dalits, A Crushed, Broken, Torn People
- Dalit Identity:Who are Dalits?
- The Plight Of The Dalits - Atrocities
- Prevalence of Untouchability And Discrimination
- Healthcare Status
- Political Status
- Legitimate Demands
- What is The Solution?
- The Upper Caste Apprehension Regarding Conversion
- The Other Side

3. Hindus By Cooption
- Never Were Hindus
- Nothing In Common With Hindu Gods
- Expedient Hindus
- Dalits And Proselytization
- Dalitbahujans Must Take Their Leap Of Faith

4. Dalit Experience Of Pain
- Covert Slavery
- Modern Day Atrocities
- Increased Level Of Atrocities
- Role of State

5. Dalit Women Face The Worst
- Thrice Wronged
- Pathetic Status Quo
- No Justice
- Most Neglected, Untapped Potential
- Importance Of Christian Role

6. Uneducated Because Of Historical Wrongs
- Historically Excluded
- Present Day Impediments To Education
- Core Need, Aspiration And Evangelical Effort
- Ideological Model For Christian Dalit Education

7. Economic Progress Eludes Dalits
- Exploitative Economic Order
- Dignity Of Work Destroyed
- Coercive Hegemony
- Modern Day Economic Plight
- Bonded Labor
- Unemployment Rate
- Additional Causes For Present Unemployment And Poverty
- Dalit Middle Class: An Emancipation Model
- A Pressing Need

8. Even Non-Hindus Suffer Caste
- If You’re A Dalit Christian, A Paragraph Makes The D ifference
-Dalit Muslims Are ‘Arzal’
- Dalit Sikhs Build Their Own Gurudwaras

9. In Search Of A Spiritual Place
- Dalit Movement Through The Ages
- Hindutva: A Counter Movement
- Need For Action

10. God Is A Dalit
- Inevitability Of Dalit Theology
- God Is A Dalit
- Mixed Response
- Danger Of Exclusivity
- The Indianization Trap

11. Christian Role In Dalit Emancipation
- Low Caste Church
- Evangelicals; Spiritually Emancipating the people
- Catholics; Testimony Through Deeds
- Mainline Protestants Doing Their Bit
- Role Of Civil Society
- Attempts To End Dalit Emancipation

12. Anti-Christian Violence And The Dalit Connection
- Uniform Pattern Of Violence
- Causes of Anti-Christian Violence
- Two Objectives, Little Success
- Role Of Law And Oder Machinery And Government
- The Perpetrators
- Talibanizing India

13. Truth About Dalit Conversion
- Conversion To Escape Caste
- Conversions Of Faith
- Irresponsibile Publicity
- Age Of Personal Evangelism
- Charity Begins At Home

14. Impediments To Dalit Emancipation
- India: A Diverse Nation
- Principal Impediment
- They Keep Casteism Alive
- Turning A Blind Eye
- Vested Interests

15. Dalits At The Crossroads
- Forced To Choose
- Political Consolidation
- A Call To Arms
- The Conversion Option
- The Way Forward

16. References

17. Annexure

- Arithmetic Of Possible Education Models

- Sudra Castes And Dalit Castes State-wise

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